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Case Results

  • Caught Red Handed with Meth - Resolved in Client's favor due to suppression issue

    October 2020

    The client had mailed meth from out of state to a UPS store here in Tennessee.  Well, that did not turn out so well for him and law enforcement was tipped off.  They waited for him and when he came to pick up the package he was arrested after paying for it.  There were several 4th amendment issue... Read On

  • Withdrawing a bad plea

    March 2020

    It is not often that one is presented with an opportunity to withdraw a plea in criminal court, nor very wise to do in most cases.  However, I recently had a client who pled guilty to two felonies, but got bad advice on the immigration consequences.  He was from Somalia which does not have a gove... Read On

  • Dealing with a stupid mistake

    March 2020

    Recently I had a client who was on the run from a probation violation that she got years ago.  Like so many other young people she did not take her probation seriously.  Two years later, she had changed her life, gotten serious, and matured enough to want to deal with it.  The problem was that it... Read On

  • Not Guilty

    November 2019

    After a three day trial in Nashville, John walked a man accused of credit card theft and hotel services theft.  The client had been through more than one previous lawyer before John Ballard took the case and sat in jail for almost two years before his day in court.  The Defense team was able to w... Read On


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