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About Our Firm

BallardLaw is an experienced law firm with the dedication needed to handle any type of case in Middle Tennessee.  BallardLaw originated in Nashville and has recently opened an office in Franklin to better serve the people of Williamson County.  BallardLaw specializes in the ability to get complicated things done quickly.  Whether it is a criminal matter or a complicated civil case, BallardLaw knows the right people, knows the right words, and the right way to get the issue resolved quickly and reasonably. 

Often times our clients aren't just facing litigation issues, but merely have come up against a difficult problem in their life.  These problems may stem from government interference, credit issues, harassment, red tape, or any other number of things.  We at BallardLaw have found that hiring an attorney may be useful even outside of litigation in order to tackle those problems head on.  Many times our clients simply need a strong advocate, other times they need someone to grease the wheels of a project, and other times our clients need a bulldog. 

At BallardLaw we will tailor our representation to fit your needs and your budget, whatever issue you may be facing.

Our main office is located in Franklin, Tennessee and our satellite office is located in Nashville, Tennessee so that we may effectively serve both areas and meet our clients where it is easiest for them. 


Ballard Law is committed to answering your questions about legal issues in middle Tennessee I offer a free consultation and I'll gladly discuss your case with you at your convenience. Contact me today to schedule an appointment.